Press Release

Amy Collins, contributing writer and guest photographer for Sunset Magazine

Interview with Jenn Disbrow – featured Northwest Native May 2020

Amy: Good Morning! Well, all I can say is that this is probably going to be my favorite interview to date. It’s not every day that you get to interview your sister! Tell me, how excited are your for being featured in the magazine for this month’s Northwest Native piece?

Jenn: Well, clearly, I am over the moon! By the way, did Violet get you a piece of the pie she made last night? She was so excited that she was able to perfect her great grandmothers pie crust recipe. She even made a gluten free version, and it was almost impossible to tell the difference!

Amy: I will have to get some of that! Speaking of Violet, for those of you who don’t know, my niece and Jenn’s only daughter, she played a huge role for you in getting you to where you are today. Can you elaborate?

Jenn: I have always wanted to be a better version of myself for her. Of course, for myself as well, but I really wanted her to see that anything is possible in life. Especially once we learn to love ourselves completely. Growing up as a woman, you are constantly bombarded with images of the ‘perfect body’ or ideas of the ‘perfect job’. The pressures you face of growing up, and developing your own true self can be terrifying for anyone. I simply wanted to ensure she never had to face any of those pressures within our home. My home is a place where anyone can simply ‘just be’, and be surrounded by love.

Amy: I can’t help but express how warm and inviting your home feels. Part of our feature is on the design of your kitchen. Could you tell me a little bit about how this space came to be?

Jenn: Well, as everyone knows, the kitchen is the heart of a home. No matter how much space you have, everyone always migrates to the kitchen. So, I wanted to create a space that had plenty of room. I have top of the line appliances to cook for 3 or 30 people. The huge marble island and the plush stools make everyone feel like they are participating in all of the cooking action. The oversized breakfast nook – which is actually where we eat 90% of the time, looks out onto our beautiful property, you ca actually see our chicken coop, as well as the mountain. I had all of these floor to ceiling windows custom made, so that from anywhere in the kitchen, you have a view of the Columbia River Gorge.

Amy: So, in addition to creating this amazing space, you seem to have so many other things on your plate? Could you tell me a little about some of them?

Jenn: Certainly. Our family is a huge supporter of both the local humane society and the homeless programs. In addition to that, I have started a nonprofit that raises money for scholarships to our local Montessori Schools. It also promotes awareness to parents about the importance of a child’s early development and how the Montessori method provides an extremely solid foundation for their continued growth. If more children had the opportunity to experience this type of learning environment, there is no telling how that could change the world.

Amy: I notice that your walls are filled with amazing photos and artwork. You clearly like to travel.

Jenn: Yes, travel is very important to me. Being able to see and experience other parts of the world is truly amazing. And I am so grateful that my family has the opportunity to do this often. Even though some would say my itinerary can be somewhat opulent, getting away and having these amazing trips makes me work even harder at my world within. Even though I am blessed to enjoy all that I ‘do’ – and what some people may call ‘work’, the best part of life is being so abundantly full, that you have so much to constantly give others. You get what you give….

Amy: I love your attitude about things and how you see life. I know that this has been a process for you. Any advice you can give others?

Jenn: Yes, MKE. Even though my husband and I had always been on the wavelengths of get what you give, the law of attraction, you bring about what you think about, etc. It wasn’t until he had me participate in this course, that I was given the organization, solid tools and massive community to really create and obtain my definite major purpose. Even today, I continue the MKE.

Amy: Awesome! Thank you for your time and for sharing your truly amazing space. I can’t wait to see how these photos turn out. Now, where is that pie!