MKE: Week 1!

Ok….full disclosure, I am behind and did not get my scholarship accepted until this week, thus I missed the first live webinar. But…. still being excited, I have moved forward and have tried my best to dot all of my i’s and cross my t’s to get organized moving forward.

I have never blogged before…..ever. Although I would like to think all of the journals I once kept religiously when I was younger, was somewhat of the same thing. (minus the public part of course! I don’t think my teenage/young adult self could have survived those books getting out to anyone!) Regardless…. here I am…. here we are…. enjoy my words and if you have any feedback, know that I LOVE it!

Now, the subject at hand…..week 1. Getting my DMP put together is most definitely still in progress. In fact, most of this blog is actually on a note pad that I will transfer in a few days, as I do not want to lose my thoughts. The hardest part for me with the DMP is that over the past few years, I feel like I have lost myself. What do I want? What are my goals? My dreams? My purpose? So I guess for now, my first few versions might sound a bit generic or even shallow. But, what my husband says (this is MKE round 3 for him, go babe!) is that this is a process. Don’t limit or judge yourself and keep your mind open. A nice piece of advice that actually helped me wrap up the first draft of my DMP.

Now in regards to the Master Key part one I have already encountered a huge challenge. Part one #3 & #4. Basically, we are what we think. Our attitude depends on what we think. And really!?, the secret of all power depends on our method of thinking???? Well SHIT!! Beating myself up is something I have actually mastered. I know, it’s stupid. And trust me, I tell people all the time “do not beat yourself up!”. But being a woman, wife and a mother I have gotten into a horrible habit of pointing out to myself everything that I think I am doing wrong, have done wrong or might do wrong. And I know if you are a mother and you are reading this, you know the crap that runs through our heads sometimes is literally INSANE.

Enter Og Mandino and scroll number 1! Creating new habits to replace the old ones that do not service you or your DMP.

OK MKE……..challenge accepted. See you next week!