MKE: Weeks 9 & 10!

And yes, for the record, the week off was nice but I got more off track than I already was….Oy vey!!

Thank you to my friend, Zach,……using your questions to generate this blog! Visit Zach’s amazing blog here!

1.) What am I good at?  I am good at a lot of things; however, I am not great at really any, but I am a good mom, wife, friend and business owner.

2.) What am I so-so at? Health and wellness commitments

3.) What am I bad at? Keeping my mouth shut

4.)  What makes me tired? Running….. and people who ‘know it all’.

5.) What is the most important thing in my life? love

6.)  Who are the most important people in my life? My husband and my daughter

7.) How much sleep do I need? 7 hours

8.) What stresses me out? Being a good mom, a good wife, a good friend and a good business owner. Oh, and a messy house.

9.) What relaxes me? Unfortunately, wine and reality tv.

10.) What is my definition of success? Being financially secure, having a healthy family and being physically and mentally fit.

11.) What type of worker am I? Very efficient and organized. A very good manager.

12.) How do I want others to see me? Kind, helpful, funny

13.) What makes me sad? Anything that has to do with child/animal abuse and/or neglect.

14.) What makes me happy? Helping others and making people laugh

15.) What makes me angry? Same as #13, also the fact that common sense is not so common anymore.

16.) What type of person do I want to be? Great and graceful, one that I love.

17.) What type of friend do I want to be? A great one

18.)  What do I think about myself? I will take a pass on this one for now. Let’s just say I have room for improvements.

19.) What things do I value in life? My family, my comforts, my opportunities.

20.) What makes me afraid? Losing everything



MKE: Week 8!

Ok…no joke, the last 5 days I have gotten into my car, and at some point the song ’You get what you give’ has been on in some facet or another. Whether just starting, just ending, or mid-way when I switch stations. You know the song, or maybe you don’t. Released by the New Radicals in 1998. For the first month that I heard this song, I thought it was U2 (luv me some U2!). Any who, it was odd to me how much I kept noticing this song, weird. Maybe…but maybe not. I have been doing a lot of thinking on thinking…. Ok, you know what I mean (especially if you are an MKE’er). But more specifically, I have been very observant of my actions lately. Yes, I have also been observing my words, but unfortunately, usually as an afterthought. Please keep in mind this is one thing I REALLY need work on. I mean seriously… mouth…insert foot. Or more often than not, just defensive humor – now…. that is my strong suit! Good thing I am somewhat funny. Hmmmmm….or is that a bad thing?

Back to 1998. I had just started a new job with Kinko’s that I loved. My roommate at the time got me the interview, but hello – who wouldn’t want to hire me. So, there it started. A time in my life where I started to learn a ton (no joke A TON) from an amazing company and great co-workers. Additionally, it just so happened that was the year I fell in love for the first time in my life. The man I feel in love with was my close friend and roommate. The one who ‘got’ me the job. The story of us is of course so much bigger than this paragraph. So more on that later.

Seriously, do you remember the first time you fell in love? I can remember slices, chunks or even waves. That overwhelmong feeling in your heart and your body, being consumed so much so that you could barely focus on anything else for more than just a few minutes. Everything in your life was entangled by that force of love. It was, to me at least, somewhat of an amazing of suffication. I had never felt anything like it before.

Anyways, not quite sure if the ‘you get what you give’ is directly connected to this week but it cleary is for me, it seems that I have been connecting subconsciously to random things that have been part of all these reads and lessons.

Cool…..slowly learning, retraining and OBSERVING…..I’ll take this as progress and skip the usual beating I give myself in the back alley.

I will greet this day with love in my heart….and the first person I am finally giving that to is myself.



(RIP KINKOS, a truely amazing company before the buyout)


MKE: Week 7!

Ok…so still running a little behind. BUT still here.

“This then is the real key to life: if you change your mind your conditions must change too. Your body must change, your daily work or other activities must change; your home must change; the color-tone of your whole life must change, for whether you be habitually happy and cheerful, or low-spirited and fearful, depends entirely on the quality of the mental food upon which you diet yourself. Please be very clear about this. If you change your mind your conditions must change too. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. So now you will see that your mental diet is really the most important thing in your whole life.”

The Seven Day Mental Diet. Wow. It is absolutely amazing how much I beat myself up! Holy cow!

Restart….restart….restart…..I honestly don’t think I even made it 7hours!

Mental discipline, mental exercise. This is all still a very new and challenging to me. And as my husband has said, and continues to say, this is why the SIT is so important.

One more thought, too bad they don’t teach things like The Seven Day Mental Diet to us as children or young adults in school. Imagine what that could do.

MKE: Weeks 5 & 6!

Honestly, I am doing the best that I can, I am not doing ‘My Best’. I have failed many days to stay committed to the process, my reads and my sits. I missed watching part of the webinar on Sunday and am just now finishing it up. I missed my blog post last week (hence the combination). And now I am struggling horrible with my Press Release. I have let the daily crazy take up both my energy and attention far too much.Heavy sigh……

There you have it.

A few days ago, I decided to listen to the MKS audios while I am on my walks. I am completely amazed at how often my mind is constantly wondering off and not staying focused on really anything. This constant wandering and lack of focus is creating my current reality I feel out of control, unaccomplished, unorganized and unhappy. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t feel this way all of the time, but enough. I am fighting old behaviors that actually crave this state I absolutely want to change.

So….now I am seeing it, recognizing it and observing it. This is PROGRESS for me. Just a bit of MKE and I SEE. Think of the possibilities if I fully commit to this process!

So, like Mark said…..time to do ‘My Best’!


MKE: Week 4

I can be what I will to be….

My entire life I have been an animal lover. Without a doubt, 100% …animal lover. With unwavering faith, I have always known that. So, with that, all my thoughts and actions have always supported that. Slamming on breaks to miss a squirrel. Stopping to help find a wandering dogs home. Donating to the humane society. Leaving out food for stray cat who looks scared and helpless. Rescuing other animals and making them part of our family. Etc.….

So, in thinking about ‘I can be what I will to be’ it occurred to me that this is the perfect example for me to begin to understand the power of thought process, with something I have already willed to be. I have wiled to be an animal lover, my entire life. So much so, that it is very hard for me to understand or comprehend someone who isn’t. The thought of not being and animal lover has never entered my reality. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE AN ANIMAL LOVER!!

So maybe this isn’t the best example or thought process for our lesson this week, but it was the one that occurred to me when my world was rocked this Thursday morning. Yet again, my family had lost another member. Max was one of the most handsome dogs I have ever seen. And his love and loyalty to our family for 14 years, still seemed too short. We adopted Max when he was about two. And we got him from someone who was not an animal lover, to say the least. Even though he had a rough start, he quickly found his place within our family, and there he was, every day for 14 years. I know, they say 16 years is a great run for a dog…but no matter how short or long, it’s never easy to lose one of your family members. He will be greatly missed, just like all the others our family has lost.

And now, for the first time in 19 years, our home has no animals in it, and my heart is broken, yet again.

RIP Max….Max

MKE: Week 3

As you can see, there is not an exclamation point after 3. This week has been challenging. Not because of the process, but learning how to push out the ‘old stuff’ that keeps distracting me. Since I have started with the MKE I feel like it has kicked a domino, that should have been kicked long ago, and now more than ever, I am being challenged. And that challenge is coming directly from me.

After the webinar on Sunday, the fabulous Davene made a comment that stuck with me. She said “We’re working it out. It doesn’t have to be perfect today…” I wrote that down and honestly have read it each day. I’m trying to work a lot out. So, I need to stay the course, increase my enthusiasm (I am really starting to see how this part is so important) and redirect my efforts to this process.

Deep breath…

MKE: Week 2!

Disclaimer; if you are reading my blog….welcome! If you are not currently or have not previously participated in the MKE, you will probably wonder what the hell I am talking about or referring to in parts of my entries. No worries, for more information on the MKE click here and again, thanks for stopping by!

Here we are, week 2 and honestly still feeling slightly overwhelmed but majorly disorganized. The MKE app on my phone is a very helpful reminder of the daily requirements. So thank you to the person who created that!

Now, speaking of the daily requirements, can we talk about this SIT thing real quick? I am no stranger to meditation. In fact it has been a life saver to me in regards to managing my anxiety. BUT….. I am used to guided meditations, that last between 5 – 8 minutes. To me, it is the hardest thing in the world to sit for 15 minutes, in silence, and clear your mind. I know that my husband will laugh at this statement as he knows silence is something that almost never accompanies me. We did a SIT together the other night and I swear he could feel me crawling out of my skin. I seriously have flashbacks of being younger at my friends house for dinner. They would say a prayer before anyone could dish up – obviously something my family and I did not do. Generally these prayers were started by her father and wrapped up by her grandmother (at least 5 minutes which is like a lifetime for a teenager!). Everyone would sit silently with eyes closed and heads facing our laps. I would carefully open one eye and look around, wondering what exactly everyone else was thinking. How could they all be so still? Why is this taking so long? I think the dog wants outside. Omg, Gabby’s brother just picked his nose! What is in that bowl? Did she make those amazing corn tortillas again? Did I remember to tell my mom I wasn’t going to be home for dinner tonight? Oh look….yum, I love those tamales…..’AMEN!’ Phew! Let’s eat….

SERIOUSLY…… the SIT has been challenging. And to be honest, at times, I try to ignore that it is a requirement. But, I understand the importance of it, so yet again, challenge accepted.

Oh….and I quit my job this week.

Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now.