MKE: Week 17

So, I am still trying to decide if this program is really for me. But worry not, that decision will come at the completion of this course. As for now, I am taking from it the things that work for me and doing my best. I understand the reasoning behind all the exercises, I get the need to connect, that results in repetition and consistency are always sure and I support the proof that there is in participation.

Don’t’ get me wrong, this course has been a great reminder of those things I have learned once before, yet forgotten in the heat of survival mode. And for that I am grateful. I can say though, that if I only take away from this the relationships that I formed here, right in lil’ Vancouver, WA., because of this program, it is a complete success. And I would (and more than likely) will do it all again.

Calling out my peeps who are amazing and kind to me no matter where my struggles are with this:

If I could have you all bottle a part of your amazingness, I would chug it in an instant! (and possibly sell it on the black market!!)

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