MKE: Weeks 9 & 10!

And yes, for the record, the week off was nice but I got more off track than I already was….Oy vey!!

Thank you to my friend, Zach,……using your questions to generate this blog! Visit Zach’s amazing blog here!

1.) What am I good at?  I am good at a lot of things; however, I am not great at really any, but I am a good mom, wife, friend and business owner.

2.) What am I so-so at? Health and wellness commitments

3.) What am I bad at? Keeping my mouth shut

4.)  What makes me tired? Running….. and people who ‘know it all’.

5.) What is the most important thing in my life? love

6.)  Who are the most important people in my life? My husband and my daughter

7.) How much sleep do I need? 7 hours

8.) What stresses me out? Being a good mom, a good wife, a good friend and a good business owner. Oh, and a messy house.

9.) What relaxes me? Unfortunately, wine and reality tv.

10.) What is my definition of success? Being financially secure, having a healthy family and being physically and mentally fit.

11.) What type of worker am I? Very efficient and organized. A very good manager.

12.) How do I want others to see me? Kind, helpful, funny

13.) What makes me sad? Anything that has to do with child/animal abuse and/or neglect.

14.) What makes me happy? Helping others and making people laugh

15.) What makes me angry? Same as #13, also the fact that common sense is not so common anymore.

16.) What type of person do I want to be? Great and graceful, one that I love.

17.) What type of friend do I want to be? A great one

18.)  What do I think about myself? I will take a pass on this one for now. Let’s just say I have room for improvements.

19.) What things do I value in life? My family, my comforts, my opportunities.

20.) What makes me afraid? Losing everything



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