MKE: Week 8!

Ok…no joke, the last 5 days I have gotten into my car, and at some point the song ’You get what you give’ has been on in some facet or another. Whether just starting, just ending, or mid-way when I switch stations. You know the song, or maybe you don’t. Released by the New Radicals in 1998. For the first month that I heard this song, I thought it was U2 (luv me some U2!). Any who, it was odd to me how much I kept noticing this song, weird. Maybe…but maybe not. I have been doing a lot of thinking on thinking…. Ok, you know what I mean (especially if you are an MKE’er). But more specifically, I have been very observant of my actions lately. Yes, I have also been observing my words, but unfortunately, usually as an afterthought. Please keep in mind this is one thing I REALLY need work on. I mean seriously… mouth…insert foot. Or more often than not, just defensive humor – now…. that is my strong suit! Good thing I am somewhat funny. Hmmmmm….or is that a bad thing?

Back to 1998. I had just started a new job with Kinko’s that I loved. My roommate at the time got me the interview, but hello – who wouldn’t want to hire me. So, there it started. A time in my life where I started to learn a ton (no joke A TON) from an amazing company and great co-workers. Additionally, it just so happened that was the year I fell in love for the first time in my life. The man I feel in love with was my close friend and roommate. The one who ‘got’ me the job. The story of us is of course so much bigger than this paragraph. So more on that later.

Seriously, do you remember the first time you fell in love? I can remember slices, chunks or even waves. That overwhelmong feeling in your heart and your body, being consumed so much so that you could barely focus on anything else for more than just a few minutes. Everything in your life was entangled by that force of love. It was, to me at least, somewhat of an amazing of suffication. I had never felt anything like it before.

Anyways, not quite sure if the ‘you get what you give’ is directly connected to this week but it cleary is for me, it seems that I have been connecting subconsciously to random things that have been part of all these reads and lessons.

Cool…..slowly learning, retraining and OBSERVING…..I’ll take this as progress and skip the usual beating I give myself in the back alley.

I will greet this day with love in my heart….and the first person I am finally giving that to is myself.



(RIP KINKOS, a truely amazing company before the buyout)


4 thoughts on “MKE: Week 8!

  1. LOVE IT ! Great post . I 100% relate to the paying attention to my words… after the fact 😉 . The no opinions thing is still a daily conscious effort for me. Enjoyed reading it. Glad you are still at it – and yes the humor comes through =)


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